Taylor hicks is dating speed dating events in brighton

The famous plush purple blazer he wore on Idol isn’t in his closet anymore The famous plush purple blazer he wore on American Idol back then isn't in his closet anymore because it is behind glass at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame now.

He says that maybe they will let him borrow it sometime but it will need to be taken in since Hicks has lost some weight since he won Idol in 2006.

He is about to release a new album after 5 years After taking a 5 year break from recording any new albums, he is finally about to release his newest album.

He doesn’t mind being the oldest winner on Idol so far Hicks was 29 years old when he won season 5 of American Idol and doesn’t mind that he is the oldest winner so far.

He lives in a hotel Since Hicks is currently singing at a hotel in Las Vegas, he is also living there.

He says hotel living does have its ups and downs and his hotel room may not be the Barry Manilow suite in the old Hilton Las Vegas but it is accommodating and he is lucky enough to go downstairs and play for everyone every night.

Brad helped get his son’s bleeding under control (not for the first time, according to Taylor) and he was soon back in the game.

“Growing up a dentist’s son, my threshold for pain was probably greater than the average kid,” Taylor joked.

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