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A family are celebrating after they were reunited with their beloved cocker spaniel who was thought to have been snatched by thieves as they took her for a walk.

Caroline Culverwell, 46, from Redhill in Surrey, was walking 14-week-old Mika before a pub lunch at the Dog and Duck pub in Outwood when the puppy bolted out of site as they reached the car park.

What you must learn from this story is this: If you live your life listening to what other people are saying what you should do and no your own, shame on you.

I can honestly say to you today that no one gave me a chance to succeed down bad in my situation, and if I would have listened to those people that said I can't, who knows where I would be today.

21, 2008, charged with felony counts of burglary, larceny and obstructing justice.

Since then, Newton has won the Heisman Trophy for an undefeated Auburn team, received the NFL's MVP Award and hosted a Nickelodeon television series, among other accomplishments.

'She was exhausted, filthy dirty, smelly and absolutely riddled with lice.

Mrs Culverwell was walking the cocker spaniel in fields near The Dog and Duck between 12.30pm and 1.30pm on Sunday before having lunch with her parents at the pub.on this date i THOUGHT my life and my C/areer was OVER and the fa C/t that i had shamed my family with the media C/overage surrounding this situation i vowed to myself on this day (9yrs ago) that "i will ss E ss ETTER from this situation" what you must learn from this story is this; if you live your life listening to what OTHER people are saying what you should do AND NOT YOUR OWN; shame on YOU! ] TOO if you es C/aped what i've es C/aped YOU'D ss E 1N [? ] TOO" -JAYz #i Wm W -1OVE #shine THRUthe SHADE #1Fi CANdo1Tyou CANto #from THEconcrete WHOknew Aflower WOULDgrow #i USEmy1NFLUENCEto1NSPIRE A post shared by Cam Newton (@cameron1newton) on For those who find Newton's favorite typeface hard to read, here's a less decorative presentation: "I contemplated posting this and even reluctant about it, but as I think about my life and the many things I'm thankful for, I want to be an open book so people can hear my testimony and learn from the flaws and mistakes I made.i C/an honestly say to you today that NOone gave me a C/han C/e to su C/C/eed down bad in my situation and if i would have listened to those people that said i EUANT, WHO KNOWs where i would be today. On this day -- 11/21/2008 -- I was arrested for a stolen laptop, and I'm sure you're asking yourself: 'Where is he going with this story?Mrs Culverwell said: 'By the end of the day we were shown the CCTV cameras by the staff at the pub and it appears it was an opportunistic crime.'A white pick-up turned into the car park, went around the back of our car, then two doors open, two people get out, pick something up and get back into the cab, reverse and drive straight out.' Surrey Police, who are continuing to investigate the incident, are also celebrating her safe return.A spokesman said: 'We are absolutely over the moon to report that the stolen Cocker Spaniel Mika has been found this evening and reunited with her owner.'Best news we have had all week.

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