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This allows me to only have to setup/update the URL's for each new webpage in a new folder rather than creating a new file from scratch in each folder and updating the links again and again.

Here is an image depicting each html file linking to the file and how the linking differs.

Then the code will appear but you will see a notification at the top which reads as ‘This page may have dynamically-related files that can only be discovered by the serve.’ Select Discover and still you may see another notification but it is because we do not have our website in the directory, we have it on the hosting server, so select the Live button, which is above the notification. Select the split view so that you can see your website and its code at the same time.

An additional advantage is that your document does not have to be saved in order to see the changes.

Great, you have successfully added your website to Dreamweaver CS6.

Note: If you cannot verify your login details expand the More Options check Use Proxy, Use Passive FTP, Use IPV6 or try disabling you firewall as it may be interrupting the connections.

to save the time later on of relinking all those resources but when I do duplicate it (I also move the new file into a different folder for personal organization) the URL paths to my resources DO NOT update like they automatically would in Dreamweaver. or even this That doesn't seem to be what I am talking about.

My perfect solution Upon duplicating a file, I would like to move that file anywhere within the confines of my project folder and have all external files linked properly and automatically. Thanks, Bytor sound like a task for a post processor à la grunt, brunch et al. When I duplicated an HTML in my project folder in Dreamweaver, I moved the file to a folder, upon moving the file Dreamweaver prompted me with this (which is EXACTLY what I am seeking for in Atom. A workaround I have done for this issue, although not the most ideal, is to create a template webpage that resides in each folder of my website.

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