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Do you not remember being a horn hormonal teenager? Tell them your not condoning it but you want them protected.My advice is get your daughter to get the implant then you know she's covered for at least 3-5yrs but also speak to them both about sti's. Have open conversations with them both so if anything does go wrong they know they can come to you with anything and you'll be there to listen and give advice.Thanks for replying Ciara, both of them are in relationships my daughters been going out with him for 7 months and sex happened about 4 months in, she told me he said it had to be when she was ready.Ive looked on the crown prosection website and it says different to what you say, which is confusing.

You would clearly prefer to know and then be safe then them hiding it and sneaking about.They are trying to punish me for my kids actions, not sure how Im supposed to make any of that better!!The relevant considerations include: the respective ages of the parties; the existence and nature of any relationship their level of maturity; whether any duty of care existed; whether there was a serious element of exploitation. It's confusing isn't it I thought it ment any under 16 year old I've herd of both being under 16 and nothing happens but for one to be above I thought if the parent wished to they could make a complaint ?I then suggested she maybe get the implant as she is forgetful and she took herself off to the clinic with her boyfriend to get it done.Ive been googling like mad to find out the legal side of this as my sister says its statutory rape, and "effing" disgusting!

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