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They can be very opinionated and they are not afraid to say what they think. Describing what Indian self-sacrifice was like in her family, the film maker Mira Nair said, that once when her parents were quarreling “my mother took this gin bottle, picked it up.They do not go out of their way to avoid confrontation like some East Asians do. and smashed it over her own head.” Indians aren't into big productions.Hindu teaches otherworldliness in respect to earthly rewards and teaches one to accept the injustices of life.

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See Separate Article HINDUISM AND INDIAN CHARACTER AND PERSONALITY Indians are very direct.

Indians can have engaging animated conversations about any topic: even ones that are considered superficial and small talk in the West: the weather, films, food. People are everywhere: on the streets, in homes and even supposed quiet spots of natural beauty. Success is achieved by advancing within a group and helping the group to advance. The ancient Hindu ideal rests on childhood, followed by four stages: undergoing religious initiation and becoming a celibate student of religious texts, getting married and becoming a householder, leaving home to become a forest hermit after becoming a grandparent, and becoming a homeless wanderer free of desire for all material things.

Although few actually follow this scheme, it serves as a guide for those attempting to live according to valued standards.

May we look on each other with the eye of a friend.” Making casual friends in India is very easy.

Making close friends and finding out what people are really like underneath their exterior layer of friendliness and politeness takes more time. They are many rules as to how one is supposed to act and not act and it is ingrained to follow these rules.

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