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All this and more is possible while you simply get to be yourself and have fun! Chapter 3 contains a variety of tricks, set ups, introductions and scams that secretly use a third person... Obviously, you'd want to lead up to getting a kiss, a date or a phone number.It's a good way to get away with nearly anything to break the ice.You say you had to find the cutest girl and get her to complete the following tasks.He then reads from his list things you have to do with her.Here's a partial list of things you'll be able to do EASILY in just minutes: • Intimately look into the eyes of anyone you want while doing "mind reading tricks" • Create moments to touch with interactive effects and tricks • Impress a date with intriguing abilities • Create a strong attraction by doing something interesting • Be memorable so you know she'll call you back!

These are tricks that you can do with little to no setup and practice.

One of my favorite tricks is determining what someone is thinking.

Today, you will be able to pull off one of the greatest tricks of all times with no practice and knowledge of advanced magic!

To make her more curious, you could play it off like a girl is calling.

Even better, you could tell the caller that you are busy with something important.

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