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It's fitting with what we've established the show to be.It's a show about characters and the intimate relationship between a group of people.Whois, Contact, Email, Address and Phone Number; Is Down?Earlier this season, CBS' math-driven procedural had its episode order reduced by six hours.Then there is the veteran and ever professional Judd Hirsch.I saw the pilot initially, and was turned off - serial killer - a little too violent for me - but after that, it seemed to hit its stride.I love working with actors, and I love watching the process.I think it would be really wonderful [to] write as well.

The series has a great cast all the way down, David Krumhlotz and Rob Morrow filling out two leading characters brilliantly.

Love the strong family relationships, and brothers working together finding their way even though they are so different, the searching for faith from a Jewish standpoint.

And there is action, just not over the top with bits of body parts squelching everywhere, like in CSI.

I take tons of pictures, so I would love to direct at some point.

I’ve worked a lot in television, and then I’ve worked in film as well.

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