Dating as a phd student

But in the end when you're working so hard it's difficult to meet anyone. ) Not entirely sure I would want to date [strange term when you're 40] another Ph D student.

Having said that - I then went to a conference and met someone - a postdoc, so now it's great in the last part of the Ph D to have someone who understands, cooks me dinner when I can't be bothered in the evening because I can't tear myself away from the work, & keeps telling me I'm doing fine. Last thing I want to do when I stop working is to listen to someones elses Ph D woes - have enough of my own.

but then on the other hand, sometimes it would be good to get more of an outside perspective.

Hi there, well - I think there are two things here - if you're single when you start a Ph D it makes it pretty tough to meet anyone unless they're from the same lab.

i find that he understands my Ph D woes and listening to his gives me hope - that am not the only one in the whole world finding the Ph D hard.

the trouble with dating a Ph D student is the 'know it all' mentality.

hi, I had a bf when I just started the Ph D, and he became my husband one year later--I still don't know why I had married him.

But, we lived in two different places, for three years! I just want to say, that I would agree Piglet that it's good to have a bf who could help you take a Sunday off, etc.

I admit sometimes wishing he understood what it feels like when experiments repeatedly fail - and I really, really wish he knew how awful it is to write a thesis.hi all, i'm glad i found a website that caters to phd students! but sometimes you just want someone with whom you can share the same experiences/frustrations with.well i was just wondering if anybody has some advise on how to have a lovelife if you're doing work 23 hours( 1 hour for sleep)? that's why the question should be should he/she also be a phd or graduate student too? I was with my bf before I started my Ph D and am still with him now that I am nearing the end.However, Ph Ds are tough on a relationship, and i've had to force myself not to talk about it all the time or it detriments our relationship. Arguably that why I am in a relationship of mutual convenience.actually, i recently met a Ph D student who i could potentially be interested in.

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