Blackberry latitude not updating real radio dating site

What was the last thing you did before it stopped working?

In my experience and from what I've read online it is nearly always caused by a Windows Update that breaks compatibility with the PC's hardware.

but i removed the HDD and deleted those files too but didnt solve my problem Please anyone can help me, I appreciate and wud be greatful The problem is the same hangs on I have a Gateway PC with Win7 64-bit and had the same thing happen. Tried what you suggested but my BIOS did not have the 'compatibility' option, so I switched it from AHCI to IDE. Booted just fine, Windows ran CHKDSK and found a handful of errors in some indexes, and after a reboot works great. I have tried every things & spent about 3 days to fix this error but been unsuccessful. Its now the second laptp I have had to fix with this issue.

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